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Hey Guys!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve hoped on the blog and quite a few things have changed. First of all we moved studios first of September this year and refreshed our look. Secondly in my personal life we are expecting our third child and I am 27 weeks pregnant! It’s a girl and we’ve named her Liv Alexandria and we are due January 25th.

Back to why I hoped on the blog in the first place, I finally got around to taking some pictures of my studio and wanted to share them with you all. When I made the decision to move I wanted to refresh my look and design my dream studio, I imagined mixes of whites, gold, marble and a clean yet elegant look. I work with lots of female clients (seniors, brides, pageantry and boudoir) and I wanted the space to be very feminem.

Well, here’s a glimpse in to our new space…

P.S. Our space is available for hourly and daily rentals. Our rates are $75/hourly and $250/entire day (8 hours). Contact us for more information if you’re interested.


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