Alaska Traveling Vintage Dress Project | Anchorage Portrait Photographer, Dolce Vita Photo Boutique

Hello Peeps! 

Look at me on a complete roll, bloggin' and stuff! This session is totally different than any other shoot I've done before. This shoot allowed me to use all my creativity to the fullest and create my session off of one thing, a vintage wedding dress. 
The dress is part of a project called, "The Alaska Traveling Vintage Dress Project" and I had the privilege to participate in it. The Project is put on by the a wonderful creative artist herself in MULTIPLE ways, Jessica Steele. Jessica is the owner of several amazing Alaska businesses including Beehive Beauty Shop, Be Vintage Rentals, and Steele Photographer. Not only is she an amazing business owner she is talented in all her crafts. Thanks Jessica for allowing me to participate! 
When first braining storming ideas for my time with the dress I knew that I wanted to use all the flowering trees that were blooming everywhere, I was inspired by all of the vibrant colors. I was also inspired by a chipped red painted ladder that I found on the roof top of my building. I wanted to portray that we were in a flower garden and create a very light, colorful and airy flow to the session.
We started with a studio session using the ladder and some garland I purchased from Michaels and then headed outdoors. We didn't go anywhere spectacular as far as outdoor location just to the good ole cemetery and random flowering trees on the side of the city streets around town. Sometimes you don't need a big extravagant location to come up with something pretty... maybe i'll write a blog about that since most of my locations are in the most random spots. Meanwhile, check out my shoot with the Traveling Vintage Dress. 

Model: Sabrina Simons

Hair, Make up, Coordinating & Photography: Sonja Stafford 

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