Balloons and Boudoir, Valentines Day | Sonja Stafford Photography, Anchorage Boudoir Photographer

boudoir (bo͞oˌdwär/noun: a woman's bedroom or private room.

Boudoir sessions are not just about "risky photos" in your underwear, they are so much more. Boudoir sessions are invigorating and full of fun, glamour and a experience that every woman should experience not once but several times in her life time. Boudoir is romantic, it's sexy and it's classy. 

I don't normally display much of my boudoir work but after a client left my studio full of balloons, I figured I'd take advantage of being able to be creative. Alisa Marie is a colleague and friend of mine and was all in to model for me last minute and this is what I came up with. The studio fled with natural light and the body suits Alisa had chosen were perfect for the soft "Valentines" elegance I was trying to bring to the table. 

Take a look because it's not typical you see a boudoir sesh on the blog!