Liam 3 Months | Sonja Stafford Photography, East Phoenix Portrait Photographer

Welp, if you don't have baby fever you may have it after this post! This blog post has too much cuteness to handle and literally has my ovaries crying for a baby. Liam was a treat to capture, he gave me so many funny faces and was full of so much character and life which is a surprise because from what I've seen in the past the men in his family do not like to get their picture taken and scurry from the camera! Liam had the coolest hair and so much of it and his warming brown eyes are going to melt your heart!

Side story, I have photographed this little guys parents engagement, wedding and now his milestones up to three months so far. Growing with my clients is dear to me, I absolutely love it and there is no bigger honor.

Scroll down, if you dare! Don't blame me if you catch baby fever! #sorrynotsorry